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The Filthy, Secular, CBC

I am a atheist, laughing at the idea of god from the first time I heard the concept. Worse, I am a leftist - a "social democract" some days, an "anarcho futurist" on others.

A couple of weeks ago, some judge in Ontario declared that a Christmas tree in the main entrance to her courthouse was an affront, of some sort.

A number of times, over the last few years, a good friend of mine - albehim, a conservative, religious, friend - has bitched about the securalism of CBC Radio, a sewer-ful of atheist and leftist nonsence.

And yet, he is not the rabid neocon the first three paragraphs may suggest to you he is; no more, than the fact I am not a fan of the current US or Israeli administrations makes me "anti-American" or "anti-semitic".

My friend, a serious Christian, wonders why his tax-dollars don't pay for more than 1 hour per week - on one of three radio channels - of our country's Public Broadcaster don't deal with with religious issues.

Rhetorically, he was right. Religion - serious religion - is intensely personal. Given that I (and the CBC) live in Canada, it is not even remotely clear whether "Regigion" is in favour of, or opposed to, gay marriage - Which churcyh are you asking? Which husband, which wife?

And yet, even such a "politically conscious" (if not - thank "god" - "politically correct") institution as the CBC has a sense of perspective.

I repeat: I am an atheist. Your Christ-son-of-God-@ct is nothing to me but a pretty story.

Well, and a pretty story that was written really well.

And which story was one of the basis of my civilization.

Point being. That hideous, secular beast, the CBC has nearly blanketed this 24th of December Carols, with Bible Readings, with all sorts of CHRISTmassy programming.

And good on them.

I am not a Christian, nor am I an apostate, but that tradition is mine, as it is for most of the people in this country.

But you know what? Most of the people in this country are (at least vaguelly) Christian. It is appropriate - it is right - that that tradition is acknowledged by the public's broadcaster. CBC Toronto's Metro Morning works day and night to seek out Toronto's multiplicities of race, creed and religion - because of Metro Morning, I know when Kwanza is happening, when Jews light candles, and when Muslims won't eat while the sun is astride the horizon. But for a couple of days, it is right to acknowledge the majority culture and celebrate that tradition.

Like I said, I am not a Christian. From what I have read, I see no reason even to believe there was, around the year 0, a baby born who would become a great teacher; there is no tangible evidence for the existence of Jesus at all.

But most people in this country think I am wrong. And yet, they are not telling me that I shouldn't think they are wrong. They don't even want me to march in their parades.

But if it hasn't happened yet, someone is going to write a Letter of Complaint because the CBC is playing "holy music" tonight.

And when that happens, I will join with the Christians and say, "Bugger off."
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Chistmas isn't much a Christian holiday anymore. It has more to do with getting together with friends and/or family, decorating pagan trees and Santa Claus plugging retail products. The tradition went from Christian to a healthy mix of Judeo-Christian multicultural and consumer-cultural.

Mother-corp's not playing a James Brown Christmas. I'm kinda upset. It's not even playing Elvis. Oh well. The Ceeb does do it's part addressing religiousity with it's Tapestry show an hour or so a week. It's the most sterile way to be polically correct, but it still strives at being even less unoffensive. Tapaetry displays the least amount of morality possible for a religious show.

Glad you stand up for the oppressed as you seem to understand there at extremes at both ends. Hopefully such compassion is reciprocated. It ought to be commonplace with such diverse co-existence.

Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.
BTW, a nice informative link about how the Nazi's celebrated Xmas. Taking down an Christmas tree wasn't tolerated under Hitler.
Agreed about the modern Canadian nature of Christmas, which is one of the reasons I think the decision to move the tree was idiotic.

Also, if you want to create an anti-immigrant/anti-multicultural movement in this country, you probably can't do better than to make these kind of petty, pride-offending gestures towards "inclusivity".

I gotta take issue with your comments about the Mother Corp, though. Most of the time I've been listening, their shows have been all over the map, Christmas-music-wise. On the whole, they eschewed the hits for more interesting, often Canadian fare, and I'm not complaining one bit.

Glad you stand up for the oppressed as you seem to understand there at extremes at both ends. Hopefully such compassion is reciprocated. It ought to be commonplace with such diverse co-existence.

You know, all things considered, this country is doing extremely well on the diversity front - much in the Canadian tradition, we're pragmatically figuring things out as we go along, without the "benefit" of ideology to "guide" us.
It's only OK to promote your culture if you aren't WASP, or similar