Alexandra "Austin" Muirhead (outofthedark) wrote in canadadebate,
Alexandra "Austin" Muirhead

need someone to bounce ideas with

I want to bounce ideas off of someone who is open-minded and in favour of the idea of a Youth Based Provincal Party.

I'm talking, people under, let's say 30 who are interested in politics who are interested in stirring up the legislature, and in future, parliament.

Now I'm not looking to form a political party over night, I know it's a long road and a lot of member gathering, this may turn out to be just a kick ass fanclub of Politics and like minded individuals, but I am looking to bounce ideas off of someone who would be in favour of a youth party.

Living in B.C. is an asset
Web design talents also an asset.

Please either e-mail me ( or reply to this post

*if this isn't cool let me know and I'll gladly delete*

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